How to invest money I have?

I am a 27 year old savings of Rs25000/- pm
Since I started working 4.5 years ago following are the investments I have made –

2007 –
SBI Magnum Tax Gain Dividend – 35,000/-
HDFC TaxSaver Dividend – 30,000/-
ULIP – 20,004/-

2008 –
SBI Magnum Tax Gain Dividend – 42,500/-
SBI Tax Advantage Sr-1 Dividend – 15,000/-
ULIP – 20,004/-

2009 –
SBI Magnum Tax Gain Growth – 8000/-
Sundaram BNP TaxSaver Growth – 5000/-
5 year FD @ 8.5% under 80C – 37,500/-
ULIP – 20,004/-

Other Investments –
Reliance Power – 25 shares – 2,399
RECL(Rural Elec) – 60 shares – 4,599
JKL Cement – 5 shares – 178

Cash in Hand (Parked in Fixed Deposits)-

2 wheeler loan –
Rs. 45000/- for 3 years starting Feb 2009 @ 2500/month


[ ULIP – Since Feb 2006 I invest Rs. 1667/month in ICICI Prudential LifeTime Growth Maximizer ULIP,
the 3 year term ends this month. Should I continue to pay 1667/month in the ULIP ? Sum Assured is 2L]

I want to save money for my marriage and for buying a house.

Please advice what portfolio should I make now.

How to invest money I have?
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  1. you have been a good investor but now please sit tight on your money and wait for the market to decline to below the october lowsan then through SIP put your money in good schemes.for now keep in fixed deposit which is the safes. you can invest money in gold on decline

  2. dear friend
    as per today’s market updowns
    the best way is to take money in hands this is the safest way to preserve our money.
    another good option is to invest in open land at comparatively smaller center ( town or smaller city compared to metros ) as price rise comes faster than metros here
    gold is also a good option it can be converted into cash any time and will also be useful for your marriage
    you can invest in LIC also
    so best luck

  3. dear friend
    today s market vary difficult u do one thing better to invest on mutual fund
    u invest all the money no problem mutual fund are good

  4. sell all your mutual fund and buy shares if you cannot then buy silver and gold in physical form only biscuits and bars no jewellery

  5. Your Mutual fund investments are good(except the new SBI fund, one should not invest in any new fund). You must be seeing them in red presently but there will recover with market. These are long term investment.

    Decision to buy ULIP was wrong. Now don’t make a second mistake by closing it after 3 years. There are high charges in the initial policy years & you have already passed that time. Now the charges will not be that high. So you should continue in this ULIP for complete term to average the charges.

    Insurance is very important aspect of financial planning but dont achieve it through traditional / ULIP plan(though continue in current ULIP). Buy term insurance at this age so that it will be cheaper. I suppose you have a earning of 40K pm (5L PA). You should have total 30-40Lakh of insurance & it can only be achieved with term insurance. SBI & Religare offer cheapest term insurance for your age. If you do not have any dependent now (parents are also working) then you can buy term insurance as soon as you get married.

    All your funds are tax saving(lockin 3 years). You can invest in some good large cap mutual funds like Kotak 30 & Birla Frontline equity through SIP. It will create a corpus for you. Also both Birla & Kotak are offering free insurance coverage so it will be a bonus. Also keep in mind to invest directly by visiting mutual fund office so as to save entry load.

    You have lot of investment in FD(taxable interest). If you don’t need that in near future then park 70000 per annum in PPF account. It gives true 8.5% tax free return in longer term.

    I advice you to save through a combination of PPF & Mutual Fund
    & insure through term insurance.

  6. continue ur I-pru ULIP.
    Ffor further investment do it in only insurance.
    Before investing think of HOW much u want? , WHEN do u want & for WHAT do u want the money. when u urself come to conclusion to all thes three answers plz call on 9890095159.

    I’ll help u in doing it

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