3 Replies to “How to invest in mutual funds either monthly or one time investment. in which i get high returns?”

  1. If people knew where you could get high returns from your investments don’t you think everyone would be doing it?

    High returns carry high risks. Most people are not prepared to take any risk.

  2. Dear Buddy,

    You can try with the Stock Broker. You have got the options like SIP / Lumpsum.

    Tata / Templeton / HDFC Funds would be better option.

    Best of Luck

    Thanks, Warm Regards & May GOD Bless

    G Senthil Iyappan

  3. Along with high returns come high risk. You have to
    be a little lucky to hit it just right. I prefer to invest
    monthly and invest more on the dips. The funds that
    provide high returns are in micro cap, foreign small
    or even single country and sector funds. Try these
    fund companies for possible investments.
    Fidelity, Vanguard, TR Pice and American Century.

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