How to invest in Indian Mutual Funds Online?

I am looking for an easy way to make investments in the best performing mutual funds from India.
Basically I want an online account that allows me to not only invest lumsum but gives me an ability to invest through SIPs – systematic investment plans in funds like: HDFC, KOTAK, ICICI, FIDELITY, SBI, HDFC, etc.

Can anyone let me know how can I buy/sell or purchase mutual funds units online and manage my investment solution completely online?

How to invest in Indian Mutual Funds Online?
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  1. Best way to do it is open an account with ICICI Direct and after that you can do it all from there very easily.

  2. Open a FREE Account to Invest in India’s Best Performing Mutual Funds ONLINE:

    Check out online – Top mutual funds of India.

    You can start off by checking out the websites of various mutual funds companies in India. There are several foreign fund managers that have set up offices in recent years and many more of them are coming regularly to invest in Indian stocks. You can email the chosen mutual fund company and even transact business online. All you would require are an internet access, a broker or a financial adviser and money to invest in mutual funds.

    There are many types of mutual funds in India and they start with open ended funds that offer liquidity and you can sell or purchase according to the net asset values or NAV. The maturity date is not also fixed. You can get fixed maturity periods in close ended schemes that can range from 2 to 15 years. You can also invest in foreign markets for capital growth and income and you should check whether there is market exposure to India in your portfolio.

    Like all mutual funds, Indian mutual funds are also affected by world events and the risks from political upheavals. There can be economic changes as well affecting the value of mutual fund investments. You can also face the risk of change in currency prices if you invest in Indian mutual funds. By researching mutual finds from India, you can ask for their prospectus and decide on the best alternative with your financial broker.

    It is best to purchase mutual funds through a broker as he or she would be best placed to provide you with relevant and updated information. Even though the mutual funds were primarily available with Unit Trust of India for long, there are now a wide variety of funds from different countries and they are backed by years of experience in trading stocks in global markets. There are private and public companies offering the best spread.

    Invest during a lull

    You need to do a lot of research initially to be able to spot the best fund manager in the business. It is best to invest in mutual funds during a lull in the stock market when investors have closed their positions after a bull run. The indices fall after heavy selling and the value plummets further before actually settling down. There are many banks in India that include Indian and foreign banks that have funds on offer.

    Participation by foreign companies in mutual funds and asset management companies are limited and they are considered on a case to case basis. With an extensive marketing network the mutual fund managers offer upfront and hands on help and guidance in spotting the best portfolio for your investing needs. The SEBI or the Security Exchange Board of India looks after the functioning of mutual funds in India and is a regulatory body.

    Mutual funds are allowed to apply for firm allotment in public issues and they are supposed to be functioning as trusts. The direct management of funds is done by a separate asset management company and the net worth of an asset management company or its affiliates has to be Rs50 million to manage other funds.

  3. I do prefer investing online in mutual funds and most of my investment which i made from last one year are online.

    If you are existing investor in above mentioned mutual fund houses:

    If you have folio (account number ) in above mentioned mutual funds that is HDFC, kotak, ICICI, SBI and Fidelity then process become very easy all you need is to apply for IPIN.

    For HDFC
    Refer this link, download HPIN agreement form, dully fill all the details and submit to nearest mutual fund office.
    Process will take 8-10 working days, after HPIN you can able to invest online and even in SIP.

    For other mutual fund follow the same process that is register for HPIN and then invest online

    If you are first time Investor

    Then first time you need to fill common application form and submit cheque and relevant documents and at the same time apply for IPIN and submit nearest mutual fund office to start investing in mutual fund online as after IPIN it become very easy and convenient to invest in mutual funds.

    Refer this:
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