7 Replies to “How to invest in India after retirement,but money remains safe and we get maximum benefits for our livelihood?”

  1. 1. Fixed Deposit – Easy to maintain. All banks are having this option
    2. Recurring Deposit – Another easy method.
    3. Debt funds in Mutual Funds.
    4. Government Infrastructure bonds.
    5. Post office savings
    6. Gold

  2. the best way to get maximum return and benefit after retirement is to invest your money in ULIPS where ur money is both secured and gains the maximum benefit
    u have several opations to get the return
    few of the best ulips offered are of bajaj allianz,reliance life, hdfc etc

    u can even opt for ppf or fixed deposit but the benefits will be definetly limited

  3. Investing in real-estate is wise now .. and rest assured it’s safe ( done with proper cross checks of doc etc .. ) will yield good returns in future.

  4. If you think make more than 3% is good for you, I recommend HSFX Asset Management for you and start making money, you can search them in google engine.

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