how to invest in GOLD ETF.What would you like to ask?

I am a Govt servant based in delhi.
What is the minimum amount to be invested initially.
Suppose I choose to invest in Kotak Gold ETF- will they open my DMAT account and any other account required for this purpose.
please guide . Thanks

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  1. To invest in any Exchange Traded Fund (including Gold ETF), you need to have a demat and a trading account with a broker.

    Once you open a trading account, you can ask your broker to buy the Gold ETF in your account (Kotak old ETF, Gold BeES, etc). currently NFO of HDFC Gold ETF and ICICI Pru Gold ETF NFO is open, and you can subscribe in that also.

    Minimum Investment:
    To invest in the Kotak GoldETF, as of today’s date you will have to shell out a minimum of Rs 1815 (equivalent to one unit of the fund). Thereafter if you need to buy 100 unit then you’ll pay 1815 x 100, so on and so forth.

    If you wish to start investing, you can approach a good broker like Arihant Capital or Indiainfoline.
    Email you request at: [email protected]

    to know more about exchange traded funds and how they operate, check this link:

    Hope the infomation was useful

  2. at first open ur dmat n trading account.i prsnly prefer icici bank for this purpose,bcz they r technicaly very advanced n shall link ur both account with saving account.always invest in a SIP (systematic investment plan) mode for minimizing gold price fluctuations.dont give more than 15% weightege to gold in ur investment portifolio.

  3. Open a DMAT account.

    Register yourself with a share broker.

    Buy Gold ETFs.

    Minimum investment is price of 1 unit at the time of purchase.


  4. You need to open a demat account and online trading account.
    You can buy etf like shares online.

    Gold ETF, Index ETF are good investment options available with investors

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