How to invest 1 lakh?

Hi i want to invest 1L , and i want money to be secured ..
can any one suggest me best ways to do it.
my options
Which is best or which combination is best?
1) NSC
3) Mutual funds
4) Shares
5) Post office MIS schems

I am interested in mutual funds but have little knowlege abt them?

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  1. Hi,
    you have not mentioned your goal. assuming that tax saving is your goal, i suggest the following
    first. put a part of the money say 25000 in PPF account. u can open a ppf account with a post office or designated sbi branches. the account is for 15 yrs and except for some exception your money is locked for 15 years. compounding of interest over 15 yrs works wonders on your investment.

    second. invest the balance money in good rated ELSS schemes. they will have a lock in of 3 years and will provide a return of at least 15% per year, but this investment is in equity and so carries some amount of risk. visit and to finilise your fund selection. If u split the money in 3 to 4 schemes, the risk will be so much less.

    if tax saving is not u’r goal then the advise will be different.
    happy investing.

  2. hi,
    share market is highly rewarding. then mutual funds.

    VERY VERY IMPORTANT : study the basics of stock market. think over, wait for the right time to invest, wait for enough time reap the benefits. VISIT:

  3. You can invest in mutual funds. Although equity schemes will be a bit riskier, they can earn you fair amount of returns. So go in for Mutual funds with equity investments.

  4. I would say it depends on your age and capacity to take some risks. Go for mutual funds over shares initially if you are unfamiliar with the stock market. Mutual funds can diversify your investment and reduce risks. I would say if you are relatively young, put 60-80% in mutual funds and the rest in NSC/PO MIS schemes or even fixed deposits which can yield 9-10% (look at for best rates).

    If you are close to retirement, then reduce your investments in mutual funds and shares and go for less risky schemes such as fixed deposits or NSC or PO schemes such as MIS.

  5. Hi, i want to invest 100000.00 Rs. in one time investment for 10-15 years, can you please suggest me which one will be best. I do not want tex excumption.

    1. Hello Gagan,
      At this stage, I suggest you to invest in IDBI bank fixed deposit. That’s the safe option. But for such a long time, combination of gold+ equity will fetch more returns.

      So, start SIP in Gold ETF and equity mutual funds. You can invest your money in the next 12-18 months whenever you witness good correction in the stock market.

      Some funds:
      HDFC Top 200
      HDFC Equity Fund
      IDFC Premier Equity Fund
      SBI Gold ETF

      Hope it will help you.

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