How to increase the credit card Credit Limit ..I am confused?

I am using CIti bank Credit Card
My credit limit which the Bank has allotted was on the basis of mine first job but now i am into my second job and i getting double salary here ….I had a word with customer support people regarding the same ,They guided me to send them the latest salary slip.After doing that also i got a response that they can’t do any thing on it
Kindly be patient may be in future they will increase
can any one guide me what should i do now

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  1. Limits are being lowered on even good credit people so I suspect you have little to no credit or less than stellar credit. USUALLY, certainly not always, the CC companies decide when to give you an increase in your limits.

  2. Use the card and pay it off on time each month. Try again in six months. Limits aren’t set just on income; history is important, too.