5 Replies to “How to improve the financial status without indulging in unfair methods?”

  1. Start paying off those debts one at a time and saving as much as you can- when more of the $ coming in is freed up to whatever you wish instead of debts, your status improves.

  2. 1) Living below your means.
    2) Creating a good habit of saving monthly.
    3) Investing into stocks/mutual funds instead of Fixed deposits (depending upon your age of course).
    4) Starting something side-by-side to your day-time-job. A part time business that is. If you have the determination to go for it, within no time you will see money rolling in from it and soon you could quit your day-time-job and start concentrating on your business.
    5) Check out success stories at http://money.cnn.com/pf/. I like this site a lot, you should too.

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