How to give POA to my wife for the property in India?

My husband has some ancestral property in India. He does not travel to India as often as I do because his parents are not alive. However, I go every year. So, he would like to give a POA to me (both of us are NRI’s). What is the process? I have given my POA to my Dad who is in India. But in this case both of us are in abroad. Please explain.


How to give POA to my wife for the property in India?
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  1. I have no clue, but when my husband and I did our POA, we just went to an attorney. I would call one and ask his advice. Good luck sweetie!

  2. you already have a poer of attorney, so you know what is to be written in the POA. contact indian embassy.consulate in the country you live in to find out how to give poa and get it notarised by the embassy. it would be legal and would work fine

  3. you execute power of attorney to your wife in a plain paper mentioning the details of property and the manner in which she can act on your behalf.

    get it notarised before a notary affixing appropriate notorial stamp and get endorsed from the Indian em-bossy not below the rank of attache in the place where you live in overseas.

    as and when your wife travels to India she can get POA adjudicated in the registrar office your property lies.

    then she becomes eligible to act on your behalf as per the powers conferred in POA.

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