How to get remaining loan amount?

I have applied for the Housing loan the property costs Rs26 lacs,bank has approved only 20lacs,how to get remaining loan amount?Pls advice me

How to get remaining loan amount?
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  1. You have to put the remaining money down. If you don’t have the balance, you can’t get the home! You can’t take out a loan for a down payment on a home. The only other way would be for a family member to give you that money.

  2. So if I understand this correctly, you are doing business in India? Usually in terms of what the bank will or will not loan is based upon credit worthiness versus value of the desired property. This is risk management. To get a bank to increase their loan value to property value, (Loan to Value ratio) is very difficult. You will most likely need to reduce your risk element in order to obtain more credit.

  3. Sounds like you misunderstood the loan terms.
    The property costs 26, but you are supposed to put money as a down payment.
    You are going to have to make a secondary loan.

  4. hey dude…don’t be content with one bank………chk some other banks too………….tell them how much other banks are offering and the amount you need……….perhaps the present credit situation is bit low everywhere …….due to credit crises ….soo if you can wait for a month or soo……… would definitely get thru …….good luck

  5. There are some banks that arrange the entire home amount via loans. They will disburse a 85% of the home value via housing loan and then another 10% via personal loan. all you gotta do is put up 5% of the home value.

    Check with all banks and explain them that you need 26 lacs. if you got source of income then i dont see any issues in the bank granting you a loan for that amount 🙂

    REg. the options:
    1. You can pledge the gold jewellery in your house in banks and get cash against it. You can keep paying interest for some months and then redeem the gold when you please
    2. If you have any fixed deposits in bank you can close them
    3. If you have any insurance policies, you can ask for a loan against the policy.
    4. If you have been a member of the Indian Provident fund account for more than 5 years or so you can check out the options of partial withdrawal of your corpus
    5. you can check out cash availability with close friends and take loans from them.

    all the best…

  6. The capacity to pay the EMI, the age of the borrower, the Net Monthly Income, its prospects of continuity and Value of the property have direct bearing on the quantum of the loan to be financed.

    Please add the name of your blood relation as the co-borrower and / or guarantor so that his income may also be included for the above criteria and the amount of the loan may be enhanced.

    Try it.

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