5 Replies to “How to get my Reliance Mutual Fund SIP Statement on Online?”

  1. Hi dost first you have make transaction online you have submit your written lever to karvy or reliance mutual fund and you have great news on few day reliance launch toll free no and you can register your e mail id and you have received every time e mail your statement

  2. Call up your mutual fund agent/broker and ask him to register you for online transactions.
    You need to provide him your email address and the same needs to be updated in the mutual fund companies records. Once this is done you can start receiving regular online statements of your investments.

    Remember in case you bought your mutual funds through banks like HDFC ICICI CITIBANK, they are also your agents/brokers.


  3. We being Advisor offer this service throug our software. We will give you login name and password to check anything online.
    But you have to invest through us.visit our website
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