3 Replies to “How to get money for MBA?”

  1. GET A JOB!!!
    I know it’s hard to believe – but kids have been working their way through college since the dawn of time, and apparently it’s only today’s generation that are so lazy they haven’t considered it as a viable option.

  2. Hello,
    You can go for other Post Graduation Courses like Hospitality, International Hotel Management, Healthcare, Event Management, and Corporate Administration which are being taken up by students and they are getting guaranteed salary packages in the range of 4 -6 Lacs.So while you are looking for a MBA course which is of 2 years duration, you can also go for these 1 year post graduation courses.

    Course fee is less as compared to MBA
    Student can earn back upto 50% of their fees.
    6 Months of industry exposure
    Guaranteed salary packages in the range of 4-6 lacs.

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