How to get loan of Rs 100000 from savings bank a/c?


I am a Graduate in Computers.I wanna open a store of few home based, personal & cosmetics products. I don’t hav any assets except my certificates.I hav savings a/c in SBI,Union bank & ICICI banks.Which bank will be better to get loan?How can I get a loan amount of Rs 100000 from my savings a/c?

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  1. Personal Loan but you can get personal loan if you have filed your previous income tax returns for last 3 Years

  2. I also was in same situation but i was lucky to get loan with Yes bank… I think you should operate just one account… bank need to see regular saving in your account and this might help you …

    Speak to the manager of the branch, tell him your project, some of banks have an option to provide Small business loan through saving account.

  3. You make a small project about your business showing the cost involved and the turnover and
    profit expected. Finalise a place or your business.With these details you approach any bank at your area, they may help you,