6 Replies to “How to get bank statement for tax purposes?”

  1. Don a ski mask. Wear all black. Walk into the bank very rapidly, with intent. March up to the closest teller, pushing away any customers. Scream that you need your latest bank statement for tax purposes or shit is going down.

  2. If it’s all online then thats fine you can use that, if not you will have to go into the bank and ask and they will send it to you and probably charge you a fee for it.

  3. Given the fact that there are hundreds of different banks with various rules and methods it would be difficult to tell. Most banks that provide on line banking should be able to provide statements for the prior years you are seeking*

  4. Yes u can get it,
    if u have internet banking log on to the account and go to the statement page.and save to your computer.
    or if u not have internet banking go to the branch they will printout the statement and give you..

  5. For tax purpose no seprate statement is required. However it will be better if you keep in the record which is sent by the bank on there stationery. During the assessment proceedings AO can ask the signed copy.

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