How to get back the TDS amount from IT Department?

I am working in a NGO as MIS Assistant. But I am getting my honorarium in from of Contract amount and TDS is being deducted from the payment. I have recently get my PAN card, but do not know how to file the income tax return. I do not want to go to a IT Lawer. Can I file my return and get back the TDS Amount, if so kindly advice through which form should I file my return.

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  1. If you do not know anything about income tax and its returns, it is better to go to a C.A and do the needful. Unless you file your returns, you will not get back your TDS amount. At least for once you should contact a Charted Accountant. (Income Tax consultant).

    If there is no tax to be paid by you, then you will get back your entire TDS amont. If there is any due, the TDS amount will be adjusted. If still you have to pay tax, then you have to pay tax. If the TDS amount is more than the tax due, then you get back the balance amount of TDS by way of reufnd.

    In any case you have to file your returns to claim refund.

  2. you are a salaried person..
    in order to get your tds back,first youi should know that if u can get it back or not.i.e. if your total tax assessed on your whole income is less then TDS deducted only then you can claim tds back..if not then you will have to do some investments which are elegible for tax rebate then your taxable income will be reduced and tax to be paid by you will also be reduced.
    after that first main important work is to gat your TDS certificate from your employer..which is known as Form-16A in IT(income tax) language..
    after that when filing your return…calculate your total income then dedect investment amount and then calculate tax on it..which will be lower then your tds deducted.and you will be able to claim refund from TDS deducted…

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