How to get back my house rented house deposit?

I used to stay in a rented flat in Bangalore till August last year. The house owner refunded to me only Rs 75K out of our deposit of 95K and that too after a delay of 7 months. The house owner wrote to us he will return the rest 20K, but lately has not been replying to my emails at all.

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  1. If it is verbal promise, you can not challenge in court of law. It is advisable to claim the money in small installments by using some tricks over him.Otherwise you have to forget about it.

  2. Send him the letters by Registered A.D. keep the acknowledgement for your record then you can send him notice for demand

  3. Go to rental tribunal if there is one.
    To a lawyer then to if need be. You can also go to the agent you used to rent the apartment. Also the real estate agents do have an organisation where they refuse to take a person who defaults on personal legal obligation, often paying for such things them selves and taking the landlord to Cort to get money from them.
    Also nameand shame campaign if needed.

  4. Do you have an agreement. if no; try to take the ghee out by tedi ungli jab seedi baat samaj mein nahi aaye .
    ask a chq. from him ; if the chq. bounces wait for 15 days send him a notice & then u can file a case of Section 138 for chq. bouncing or bounce him instead. Chill man u staying in Bangeluroo go have Kingfisher together.