How to get a duplicate share certificate?

I have lost the IOB and UCO Bank share certificate which was purchased in the year 2004. I do not have even the folio number. Please guide me to get a duplicate one.

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  1. Figure out who the transfer agent is and contact them. You will have to pay a fee to idemnify them (it’s insurance) if the original certificate surfaces and someone cashes it.

  2. You can get a replacement certificate from the registrar of the co. But it will cost you a lot even in the US. In UK it is high way robbery. But they need to find the money for their huge annual bonuses from some where.

  3. The best thing that u can do is…if u have a trading account and a demat account with some broker… him….ask him about this…he will clearly guide you……
    actually the procedure is, it has to be notified to the Registrar of that issue( to the IPO of that company) he will issue the certificates to u…
    its a long procedure….and difficult to do on your own…contact your stock broker…he will do it for u…and collect the charges applicable with u…
    but it takes a long time…a minimum of 45 days…to get the new ones…
    hope this info helps….
    Happy investing…!!!!!!!

  4. the address u gave at the time of purchase of share is same as u now living, then no problem wait for some time to get the dividend or any contact from the company.
    from the contact try to get the folio no.

    then make a complait to the nearest police station that u have missed the certificate and get the fir no for the complaint.
    then show the fir copy to the transfer agent and get the procedure to get the duplicate copy of the certificate. he will send u a list of documents needed to getting the duplicate one. with that get the duplicate share certificate.

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