How to find flat without brokerage in pune?

How to find flat without brokerage in pune?
I have been finding a apartment in pune, but all flats are been handled by brokers and they ask for too much brokerage.

Is there a way to find better place with no brokerage and get in touch with owner of apartment and not the broker.

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  1. go direct that area where you want flat. ask people nearer that apartment. meaning security gard, tailer, pan stall , etc…

  2. good question.. maybe you should reach out the public who want to rent their house (in short tell your friends or anyone in that case that you need an apartment).. I have experienced this… and keep checking websites like craigslist and stuff.. maybe you can find one… all the best… 🙂

  3. Firstly what exactly are u lookin for? 1BHK/ 2BHK/ 3BHK?
    Then what is ur budget?
    Lastly which areas do u prefer?

    If interested in getting handsome returns on properties at good rates, then mail back. Can help.

    PS: Am an investor. Not a broker

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