6 Replies to “How to file tax return in USA from india? Is online tax filing possible?”

  1. For you it will be better to use a tax software. If your address on the tax return is in India, than you can’t file online. You will have to print your return, sign it and send it. For 2007, you need to send your return by April 15, 2008.

  2. you file in the country you’re a citizen of reporting your worldwide income. if you’re an Indian citizen you don’t have to file U.S. return.
    If you’re a us citizen you can file online using links belows for info and list of online filing options (such as Turbo Tax). If you’re a non resident alien then you file form 1040NR
    the usual filing deadline is April 15 after the year ends but you can file online up to Oct 15. after Oct 15 you must mail in your return

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