How to file Income Tax Return ?

Although my Income or Salary is not taxable but still I want to file Income Tax return so that in near future I want to buy a house and for this IT-Return for last 3 years is a compulsion.My question are as follows
1.Can IT-Return be filed Online for Non-taxable Income.
2. What are other process to file tax or show return as a responsible citizen of country

How to file Income Tax Return ?
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  1. Hi..

    Its in your own interest to file your ITR on yearly basis.
    Firstly it shall help you be eligible for loans etc from various financial institutions
    And you are free from any problems of harassment from Income Tax department..

    Think this shall help you decide.

    For more contact at [email protected]

  2. yes u can file ur return online and u can do at ur end…!

    just do following steps :

    1. as u have salary income : doenload ITR 1 form from this link :

    2. open this excel file and start filling details in it, if ur employer deduct ur tds then fill details of tds too, please note it this excel file is macro in built…make sure macros are activated in excel while filling details

    3. on the ryt upper side of this file, u will find some links, first click on validate and then generate xml

    4. no open this link :

    5. u have to login here, if u r already register then u can login wd ur username, and if u r a new user u can register, make sure while registeration of new user, it will only accept details of ur pan card.

    6. after login : go to this link :

    7. select for as ITR 1

    8. if u have digital signature, then select yes, if no then select no

    9. after this u will b directed to upload that xml file that u had generated on ur pc

    10. upload that file, if u had selected yes for digital signature then u will b required to digitally sign the document nw,

    11. ur return has been uploaded and u wl b directed to doewnoal ur return acknowledgement nw…if u have digitally signed the return, u not need to do anything further , just save that file wd u, but if u hav not signed digitally then u will have to print that acknowledgement and after signing u will have to send that acknowledgement to address mentioned on that acknowledgement within 120 days

    If u have any further query, u can post to this link :

    Have a nyc day..!

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