How to exchange business cards?

I am an Life insurance agent. I would like to know how to use your business cards to introduce yourself to prospects you meet at networking functions, social functions etc to generate business. What exactly should one say to the other person. Please provide a script or a dialouge.

How to exchange business cards?
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  1. First: small talk to see if a business card exchange is necessary.

    Second: If you feel that one or both of you could benefit from the others services, then, as your taking out your card say something like “would you mind if I give you a business card?” or “here, let me leave you with one of my cards.”

    Majority of the time if a person offers a card the other person will reciprocate with their own card. If they don’t then ask, as you give them your card. “Do you have a card”

  2. Always carry your card in a card holder.

    Be the first one to give the card as you are a service provider. Hold the card with two fingers of both the hands. the thumb and the index finger (Just the way you pinch someone). With the card facing towards your customer. Bend slightly with a smile on your face ( showing courtesy).

  3. Hold the card with two fingers( thumb and index) of each hand.bend slightly to show your respect.You should show much respect to your own card ,if no.,the second will also do the same. Give it by looking at his face. Show your name ,Designation , Co,. Name , and phone no. to him with all respect.
    and take back his card and place in pocket only after reading all details in it.

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