how to encash hdfc at par cheque in other bank?

i was given a HDFC cheque (payable at par) for refund amount from internet service provider . the cheque was hdfc bank cheque. how to encash this cheque ? i have pnb savings account not in hdfc . whether i need to deposit the cheque in hdfc bank alone or else in other banks? if so will they take any service charge for that ? how many days will take to encash the cheque ?

how to encash hdfc at par cheque in other bank?
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  1. All Banks extends the service of collecting the proceeds of cheques drawn on other Banks on behalf of their customers.
    If the other Bank cheques are payable locally the collecting Bank extends free service. If payable at outstation they deduct nominal charge from your account for the service.
    So you tender the HDFC cheque at your Bank (PNB) duly filling up the PNB savings bank pay in slip enclosing the cheque.Your account will be credited within a day provided HDFC is having Branch in your place, otherwise your Bank (PNB) will send it for collection to HDFC Bank.

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