How to create a paypal account myself?

Can i open a paypal personal account myself online without any body’s help? Is it free or some processing fee is there? If it is there, then to whom and how should i pay? After opening an account online, can i start using it immediately after all formalities and necessities?

How to create a paypal account myself?
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  1. There is no fee to join PayPal, they make their money by automatically taking a processing fee out of your sales. Visit the official web site and sign yourself up directly. You can start using it right away, but you will have more privileges when you connect your bank account and confirm your identity.

  2. You just need a credit card or bank account and use the address where those statements are sent in order for PayPal to verify you. It’s free to pay people. They charge you to receive money. You can pay any PayPal member instantly once your account is verified.

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