How to continue reduced paid up insurance policy?

Hi, I have LIC Policy of premium 25000 half yearly. I have missed both premiums.It is automatically became reduced paid up policy, now I am planing to continue it. Plz tell the procedure to regular it.

How to continue reduced paid up insurance policy?
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  1. Visit any LIC office and fill up a health declaration form. You need to pay some charges for this delayed payment and then your policy will be revived.

  2. 1. Call the agent that sold you the policy
    2. Go to a local branch
    3. Call the customer service help lines. The customer service contact numbers are listed here:
    4. If you have not already registered your policy on the LIC web site go to this link:
    Upon successful registration, you will have online access to information regarding status of policy/s, loan, revival, premium due/ policy calendar, maturity calendar etc.

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