How to complaint about this bank?

I am getting repeated calls from citi bank asking me to buy a citi bank credit card,i told them many times i am not interested but still i am getting the calls which is disturbing me.Can anyone guide me how to complain and to whom to complain it.

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  1. there is a link in the right corner of bsnl official web site DO NOT CALL register if you are registering your no in tht u will never get a call from any marketing offices thank you

  2. Dude….I do understand how annoying it can be…

    I suggest u to register your phone number under “Do not call Registry” on CitiBank Website. If u register ur number in DNDC register, the bank will not attempt to call u. If they do so, they would be doing at their own risk and the best part is u would be entitled for a compensation package like Rs.15K reward.

    Wish u all the best.

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