How to compare various ULIPs?

It appears that UTI-ULIP has given benefit in the form of dividend at 16% only. Some MFs have announced maximum benefit of more than 50% under ULIPs, as per latest data. I desire to have detailed information. There are several offers of fresh ULIPs with SIP and Free Insurance. I desire to know how to compare thier merits, and find out which is most advantageous. I want to know the likely range of benefit ( i.e., annual dividend yield) one can expect in the latest offers of SIP+ free insurance. I want to know a range. SEBI does not authorize to announce guaranteed returns. I want to know whether it is proper to withdraw from UTI-ULIP, and invest in the fresh offers. I will be grateful for a clear answer.

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  2. It is over comprehensive to provide details of terms or various ULIPs.

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