How to claim tax benefits for home loan for a property in wife’s name?

we constructed a house in a plot which was in my wife’s name. We both got the loan jointly. My wife has resigned her job after that. Now how can i claim the tax exemption for the home loan on a property in wife’s name?

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  1. If house loan is in joint name of your wife and you, either both of you can claim 50%-50% tax benifit or only one can claim total benifts. In your case you can claim total benifits provided you are making repayment from your own source only and your wife is not contributing in repayment of EMI. Just constructing house on the land in the name of wife does not mean whole house sturcture is owned by your wife. To the extent of housing loan share in your name you are also the co owner of house structure.

  2. If it’s a joint account. Show the proof that your wife is not salaried and also show the proof that EMI is being paid by you solely to the bank. This makes you to claim the tax exemption

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