9 Replies to “how to choose mutual funds in india to make good profit?”

  1. 1) It is better to invest in SIP of any nationalized banks (SIP = Systematic Investment Plan)
    2) Recurring Deposits in any of Nationalized Banks or Post Office
    3) See the graph of Mutual Fund in which you want to invest as there are many mutual funds
    4) Prefer SBI mutual funds

  2. Hi instead of choosing the Mutual Funds U can invest the money in the Equity Trading you can visit this site for more information about the Delivery calls

  3. Invest preferably in “diversified” cap equity funds from good companies like HDFC or DSPBR or Reliance. Some sample funds are HDFC Top 200, HDFC Equity (Growth), DSPBR Equity (Growth) etc.

    Open a SIP (Systematic Invest Plans) in a couple of diversified equity funds as above and invest every month, each month regardless of market ups and downs.

    Read the article below for more information

  4. Firstly, know your own needs. Are you investing to fulfill a short-term or a long-term goal? Or, are you investing just because you heard in your office cafeteria that you should invest in a certain fund? Not all mutual funds serve the same purpose, so you should know why you are investing. If you want capital appreciation for your son’s education 20 years from now, you should not invest in a bond fund. However, if you want to save and protect your capital for funding your son’s education in 2 years time, then you should consider a conservative fund like a bond or money market fund, which will also give you some income

    Secondly, this brings us to time horizon. What period are you ready to invest in the market for? Equity funds should be held for at least 3-5 years because equities are long-term investment vehicles. Debt or money market funds, however, can be invested in for shorter periods of time.

    Thirdly, how comfortable are you with the promoter of the fund? Many new companies are starting fund houses. Many of them will not be as successful as the ones that already have a successful track record that they have built over the past 5-10 years. So, invest in mutual funds that have been launched by companies that have a track record and are not new into the Indian market.

    Finally, many investors look at past performance and assume that the fund will continue to return the same in the future. This is not always true and can often be wrong. Any fund can do well over a short-term because luck and other factors can come into play. So, do not choose a fund to invest in just because it has done well in the recent past. You should be interested in the long term performance of the fund. Invest in funds that have done well across market cycles and investment cycles.

  5. If want to invest in mutual funds on a monthly basis then I would suggest you to go for SIPs. SIPs or Systematic Investment Plans are the best way to invest in mutual funds as that would spread your investments over a long time and protect you from the daily volatility/fluctuations in the market.
    You can consult a reputed stock broker to help you select the best SIP available in the market that will meet your financial goals.

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