How to choose an online broker in the share market?

Is it mandatory that we should have an online broker. CAnt we trade or buy shares if we dont have an online broker.In that case who is the best online broker?.How to choose him.Should we have to meet him or be in constant touch with the broker or is everything online.And can we change the brokers everytime we wnat to?or should we stick to one.please let me know.

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  1. No..Its not mandatory that you should have a online broker..If you want to buy shares by online you need a online broker..Its a must..

    Most people prefer icicidirect for online trading..The advantage is you can access savings ac n demat ac in a single account which is cost effective and time saving…

    If you met any problems with the service of your broking house,then create a new account in another broking house and then transfer your shares to the new one..

  2. It is not mandatory to trade online.
    But it is the most convenient way to trade in stocks.

    This is similar to operating a bank account through online & ATM counters.

    When choosing an online broker you have to look into the brokerage charges that they levy on. Along with this you have to compare the services which they offer for the charges that they levy.

  3. With online brokers, you trade by issuing orders with just a few clicks. You can change brokers anytime you want, but there is a short processing time delay (around a week usually) and a fee. To answer your original question, the only one to find the right one for you is to do research, research research. Every broker offers different services, platforms, costs, and more. You have to find the right one for you. Get started in investing using this site,

    It listed 30 online brokers last time I checked, and has resources for all kinds of investing and financial education. Good luck.

  4. you have just about 3 options to choose from for making investments. 1. an on line broker, 2. a full service broker or 3. an open end mutual fund company.

    A full serice broke is generally the most expensive option but has the possible advantage of providing a personal broker to help you out (for a price). If the personal broker is good, you might very well reap considerable benefits that out way the costs.

    An on line broker is much less expensive than a full service broker but you are pretty much on your own as to choosing your investments although most do have telephone support and people who can offer some guidance. Some even may have local offices where you can go for help.

    Open end mutual funds offer a way to invest in a pool of investments so as to mitigate specific risk associated with the selection of just investing in a few specific stocks or bonds.

    Broadly those are your 3 options.

    You can transfer your brokerage account from one broker to another by just filling out a form with the new broker. It is that painless but does require perhaps 2 weeks to accomplish.

    It is problamatical which is the best on line broker. Different brokers offer different services and fees. Some are very inexpensive but offer very little research material. Others are more expensive and perhaps offer more services. The best might be dependent upon how you intend to use the broker.

    There are on line sites that compare on line brokers and the services they offer. Here is a link to one. But you need to interpret their findings with a few grains of salt. I never did agree with their ratings of automobiles.

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