How to change service tax rate in Tally 9?

I want to post sales as “inclusive” of service tax. It works fine and internally calculates the included service tax. But the tax is being calculated at 12.24%. I want to make it 12.36 %. How to do this ? (I am using Tally 9 Release 1)

How to change service tax rate in Tally 9?
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  1. Service tax comes under the Group “Duties & Taxes”.
    To change the rate, click on Accounting Information , then click on Ledgers , select Alter ledger, open Service tax a/c . Inforamtion is displayed regarding tax . Then change rate of tax as to 12.36% on sales . Enter the same . If it is accepted , next time you enter invoices , it would take at 12.36% only.

  2. Check the statutory compliance section on the website where the entire tally 9 help is available on changing and configuring service Tax in Tally 9.

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