2 Replies to “How to calculate rateable value of house property of an indiviual resident in pune?”

  1. you can find the govt rate in that place
    then where ur house is situated
    rental value
    then real estate new house value in that place per sq ft
    whether ur house is independent
    and how much sq ft the house
    if it is a big house then, flat promoters can give good price
    if NRI is buying , then the value may be more
    some times opportunist cost
    u can approach a real estate and find what will be the cost if you want to buy residence like yours
    availabily in that locality
    liveability in that locality
    commercial purpose in that locality

    only ground value is taken if it is independent house

  2. there are approved valuers in the panel of Banks and financial institutions. you can get it valued.

    alternatively, you can check up with real estate brokers.

    another method is to value the construction as on date and load the depreciation. add land cost as per the present market value. this is the minimum guaranteed value of your property.

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