How to calculate income from multiple House Properties?

I am salaried employee with salary of Rs100000 p.m.(Out of which 12000 is H.R.A.). I have 3 houses for which I’ve taken loans from different banks. All houses are vacant. In addition I pay House Rent of Rs 10000 p.m. My question is how much I can claim as loss from House Property against these houses. And can I claim exemption for H.R.A.?

How to calculate income from multiple House Properties?
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  1. 1- In order to take benifit of HRA exemption rent paid by you is taken in account provided you have not any house owned by you in city of your posting.
    2- Regarding your 3 houses only one can declared as self occupied and in this case of house rent will be nil but interest due on loan for this house will be negative income (loss). For remaining 2 houses your deemed income will be taken as rent from these house. Deemed income will be calculated as per norms provided in Act. Interest due on loan for these 2 houses will be deducted from deemed income of these houses alongwith standard deduction.