How to buy runescape membership with credit card(India)?

hello guys yesterday i tried 5 times to buy runescape membership but my payment aws declined and there was no any mistake in filling form.please help me ! THNX!

How to buy runescape membership with credit card(India)?
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  1. Paypal is ok! I got one when I was nine, and I have had no problems. It’s completely secure.
    Being a Runescape member is great, but I would suggest finishing all the free quests first. They recently added a new one, and it’s easy. By finishing these first, you can spend your money wisely by only doing member quests. It would also be benificital to have all your free levels high (at least 25)
    Anyways, if Paypal is not a good option for you, I would suggest buying a 90-day membership from Amazon. You can use your bank account on there.
    Being a member is totally worth the money! The bad thing is, you can’t keep your member items if you stop your membership. For instance, I did this Cat quest, and when I stopped membership because of lack of money, my hell cat was gone!
    By the way, anyone that wants a helpful friend on runescape, add FriarTim. Send me an email at [email protected] with your characters name, and I will add you.

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