How to buy new house before disposing earlier one?

I own an apartment in Delhi. I want to shift to another part of the city. Recently my father-in-law has disposed of his house in Delhi. Is it possible that he buys an apartment in my or his daughters name out of his funds and I move to that house, then I can dispose of my house and buy him back a new house. Is it correct to carry out such transactions from the capital gain and or other tax related issues prevalent in India?

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  1. the tax laws allows one year time for reinvestment to avail the tax benefits on capital gain tax.

    if you use your father-in-law’s funds for your purchase, you have to dispose your apartment within the time and fix a property for your father-in-law. then it is perfectly alright.

  2. If you want to purchase new house before selling old one, you can apply for a bridge loan.

    To save LTCG tax new house can be purchased one year prior to sale of old house.

    Let your F-I-L invest his proceeds in a new house, within one year, in his name to save LTCG tax.


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