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  1. Retirement is something that every person who is earning needs to plan for. Once we cross the age of 60, our earning potential goes down and we are dependent on our savings for our sustenance. So it is advisable to save some money in our retirement corpus so that we can have a comfortable old age. Unfortunately, for most of us, apart from EPF (Employee Provident Fund) we do not have any saving instrument to save for our retirement. In countries like the US we have Social Security and hence the whole burden of survival after retirement does not fall on the person. But in India we do not have such a feature.
    To overcome this problem, the government of India has come up with this NPS.

    What is NPS?

    NPS is a retirement saving option that can be availed by all citizens of this country. This functions more or less like a ULIP. Our money would be invested in the equity markets and also the debt market. The minimum investment to begin with is Rs. 6000/- per year.

    To know more visit: http://anandvijayakumar.blogspot.com/2009/03/new-pension-scheme.html

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