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  1. How are you defining success? I started with my bank. Keep a balance in your checking account that will cover your drafts. A money market account is better than a savings account. If you demonstrate fiscal responsibility for about a year, then you should qualify for some sort of real estate loan. However, talk with an investment counselor at your bank.

  2. By successful, I am going to asssume you mean financially successfull. First you must set a goal. After you set a goal, you must come up with a plan to achieve that goal. You can make money several ways and you can do one or all. You can get a job to earn money. You can create a business and decide what you want to sell – products, services, or a combination, then decide how you want to sell, online or offline. You can create passive incomes. You can create jobs for others, i.e. start a cleaning business and hire people to fulfill the contracts which you as owner go out and get. You can invest money in gold and silver coins and/or mutual funds.

    There are many ways to increase your cash flow and be financially successful.

  3. simple !!!

    This is not advise This is true

    Just go and get a cup of tea in a big five star hotel daily. you need not spend and eat anything . Just order one cup of tea and drink the tea five hours with enjoyable. but you should come daily to the hotel. ultimately you will get more friends and you will spend with them and you will get what you wish

    this is the secret method I used.

  4. A man, who is a gazetted officer made his unemployed son very successful within a time frame
    of 4 to 5 months of starting a business.with me.
    He made money out of my efforts.
    Basics of his success — Cheating
    He did it very successfully…
    Do you want to be one like him ?

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