how to be a real estate developer in india ?

i want to know step of how to became a real estate developer. from arrange money to sell the property. law, material everything plz help i want to start it from the month April.

how to be a real estate developer in india ?
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  1. Namaste bro.
    First you must be confident that you have the right Skills and knowledge to pursue a career as a developer.
    Skills & knowledge as being able to negotiate, communicating well with others, understanding the zoning laws and regulation in your area, leadership skills , organizing a team of specialized workers you will need, etc.
    The best advice i can give you is to work with a real estate developer in your area as an apprentice for free to gain hands on knowledge and experience when your first starting out.
    Read books related to real estate developing, so you can find out what knowledge you need to know. which you can get at a library, a Book store, or on online at Amazon.
    Read books by people who have experience doing Developing as Donald trump, Sam zell, etc.
    Books i recommend to you are ” The Real estate developers Handbook”, by Tanya Davis, and ”Think and grow rich” by Napoleon hill.
    never give up bro.
    Good luck.

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