2 Replies to “How to add funds into my Paypal account?”

  1. You will need to first of all verify your account by adding and confirming your bank account. Once your bank account has been added and confirmed, you can now add funds into your account through your bank account or through your Master Card.

  2. If you see a link that says “Add bank” in your account overview click on that. It will ask for two info, Your routing number and account number. If you enter those, PayPal will send you two penny deposits in random and that takes 3 days. I you notice there have been deposits log back to your account and click the link that says “confirm bank” if the two amounts are correct you get notification your bank has been verified and you get to transfer funds from your bank. If you notice only one amount deposited, that’s a lump sum and your bank mistook it as just one deposit so call customer services and have rep do the verification for you.

    adding funds from the bank takes 3 days but adding a credit card ot the the atm card from the same bank account makes transactions instant. Well not really instant since PayPal just fronts the money and then turns around to take the money from your bank which really takes 3-4 business days no matter what.

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