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  1. See if you want to save your loading charges it will be better to directly visit AMC of mutual fund company you want to invest in else there are many Broking company and mutual fund agents in all cities. If you want to see mutual fund agents in your city visit amfiindia.com, and to look for best mutual fund you can visit moneycontrol.com

  2. You can either directly go to any AMC office and start the SIP or you can contact an agent who may or may not charge you for the investment advice. If you go to AMC office then they will advice you only the funds of there AMC which may or may not be the best for you but an agent will give the best advice through the combination of all the AMC’s. Also the agent can provide the technical support like web-site which helps to get the statements on-line very easily ( not all agents provide this facility though )

    One should always go first for Large Cap Funds like HDFC Top 200 Fund, Birla Sun LIfe Front Line Equity Funds, etc. then go for Midcap Funds like Sundaram Selec Midcap Fund, Reliance Growth and then the Balanced Funds like Reliance Regular Savings Fund.

  3. In order to start an SIP you need to fill in the main application form (for the 1st investment – say for Rs 1,000) along with SIP application form (for the ensuing investments – say Rs 1,000). You may enroll for a daily or weekly or monthly or quarterly SIP for a set SIP period. In order to do the ensuing investments you may sign an ECS mandate form for the SIP period.

    Your selection of a mutual fund would depend upon your age, risk appetite, investment objectives among host of other factors. Ideally invest in a fund which follows sound investment systems and processes.

  4. Select the AMC & fund…visit their website…..fill auto debit form for the amount you wish to start with, select from the date options on which you would like to debit your SIP amount.

    If you are a starter then in my opinion you should go for mid cap fund.

    my personal experience with Reliance Mutual Fund is good. I started SIP of Rs 1000/- pm before a year & return is more than 20 %….still you do research according to your way.
    Fund name is : Growth Fund – growth option.

    IMP : SIP is generally for long term. You’ll observe very good returns after 3 yrs or 5 yrs.

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