How should we place a single money frog according to Feng Shui?

Some say money frogs should be facing inwards and some say money frogs should be facing outwards.
What are rules with a single money frog and the rules with several money frogs?

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  1. it does not work!

    i think it’s time for people to learn proper fengshui. buy books by chinese writers who have a long history of experience in the fengshui business like lillian too, eva wong, peter leung, vincent koh, raymund lo, joseph yu, yap cheng hai and joey yap. i think doing fengshui as a fad just does not work. it is time to learn the truth about fengshui. like life, there is no such thing as a quick fix in fengshui – either you or your house is lucky or you or your house is not. and the rich become richer, while the poor gets poorer. and the only way for the poor to get rich to do what the rich are doing. if a poor has limited resources – i do not really think that he/ she will get rich by not doing what the rich people are doing.

    what works? fengshui based on fengshui techniques like flying stars, 8 mansions, water placements, xuan kong da gua, etc. i do think that the books by the authors mentioned are better than free websites or free sources – as some of my fengshui masters say, they are free, bec no one wants them in the first place, and bec they are useless, that is why they are free.

  2. This is a controversy subject. These frogs have become famous as they are used in connection to Feng Shui. But the meaning they have come from Chinese tradition and mythology.

    As you say, according to some they should face inwards and for others they should face outwards. According to Lillian Too (Total Feng Shui) they should be placed in diagonal to the front door looking outwards. If you want to have more than one (up to nine), you can place them everywhere except in the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. But I also found contradictory information on her web, saying you should have one looking inside and one looking outside.

    If you want to apply Feng Shui to your home, you should use the 8 Mansions and the Flying Stars systems of Feng Shui, which are the most accurate. You’ll find all information about it here (theory, glossary, calculators, courses)

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