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  1. Share market trading is not just buying and selling of stock for fortune.You have to prepare your self and keep tab on detailed information about the process of stock trading.For making profit at the stock the market you have to pick the right stock that will most appreciate market in the near future.You have to know detail of the business and the industry as well as keep track on up and down of the stock price at the market and volume of the market.
    The key for success in the stock market is the selection of right stock and determining the range of price at which you should invest in the stock.

  2. Know about present market scenario.
    Read many updated research reports to increase exposure.
    Have perfect idea about the stock market ,when and where to invest in the market.
    Buy stocks that have higher customer satisfaction and sell at a higher price.
    Always kept 50% money in hand for reinvestment.
    When the market dips always sell first and buy later.
    Long term investment is secure.

  3. Well first open a Dmat acount
    Then get educated to how to invest.
    A good FREE site for this information is http://www.moneycontrol.com . This is run by CNBC

    In case you are new and still want to invest , you can do that via MF which are much safer !
    For mutual funds you do not need DMAT account

    any of the DP mentioned below for DMAT
    Share Khan , Geojit , Relaince Money ! Most of the Banks as well !

    How to start to open a Demat account?
    You have to approach a DP to open a Demat account. Most banks are DP participants so you may approach them.
    To have latest list of registered DP please visit websites http://www.nsdl.co.in and http://www.cdslindia.com.
    A broker and a DP are two different people. A broker is a member of the stock exchange, who buys and sells stocks on his behalf and also on behalf of his customers..

    Following are the documents required to open Demat account.
    When you approach any DP, you will be guided through the formalities of opening an account. The DP will ask to provide some documents as proof of your identity and address.
    Below is a list but you may not require all of them.
    PAN card, Voter’s ID, Passport, Ration card, Driver’s license, Photo credit card
    Employee ID card, IT returns, Electricity/ Landline phone bill etc.