4 Replies to “How should I invest to get a monthly pension sufficient to live freely after my retirement?”

  1. Post Office monthly income scheme will be the best for you, your investment will be secure under Govt. of India guarantee

  2. I would like to invite to invest in Dubai properties…

    If you will invest there, you will have the full options whether you wanna resale it or lease it.

    As the year passing by, the property value will grow 5% to 75% with 0% tax in the Dubai government.

    Or, you can have also an option to live there as a Freeholder, means you have the full capacity to be an owner, freehold visa of 99 years and bring your love ones and enjoy the luxury living in that city.

    If you are interested, I know somebody who can help you.

  3. Invest in portfolio
    make a portfolio such that it has mix of all.
    Example, few in MIS, few in fixed income generating fund,
    few in high risk high return funds, some in property

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