8 Replies to “How safe is it to purchase something online using credit card?”

  1. It all depends on the security of the site you are buying from. If you are worried about the safety though, there is an easy solution. When you buy a Visa or American Express gift card it works just like a credit card but is only worth whatever money you put on it. So if you need to buy something online for $40.00, just get a Visa Bux card worth $40.00 and even if someone tries to steal your identity there is nothing left to steal.

  2. paypal is safe.. ensure that yr pc is free from virus and malwares.

    Also i prefer to buy on cod bases..

    U can talk to supplier to send item on COD base.

    Its more safe…

  3. Use PayPal or another recongnised service and if they don’t use it then it’s not worth the while, go to somewhere that uses it.

  4. You’re more likely to become a victim of card crime outside using an ATM than you are on the interent, i’d say someone watching as you enter your pin, and then stealing your card, is more likely an event to happen than somebody getting your details from the internet. Provided you use sensible sites, like amazon or ebay.

  5. P C which you are using must be safe i.e. having a good anti virus and site using for purchase should be opened directly not go through any ads page.

  6. Check for the lock sign at the bottom of the page in IE and Firefox.

    It means the website has got a digital signature and that means it has authorization to conduct online transactions.

    If you are going to purchase from ebay or any site authorized with Paypal, you can make the transaction.

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