7 Replies to “How safe is investing in LIC compared to the private insurance company?”

  1. you may still believe that LIC is more clean and clear compared to the private insurance companies and invest in LIC safely.

  2. Dear,

    LIC is more faithfull company,

    but IRDA is a father of all insurance company either private or Givt (LIC)

    all companies working in rles of IRDA

  3. why thinking of lic dear,think of may be private bankers ok,thr r plenty of scheme giving u good results,will u later what have ur plans ,ok,im nt a banker ,ok,im a person saving like u ok,rajan

  4. LIC had the monopoly for 3 decades before any other company came to India. one has to first understand what is good for them ie which instrument is good for our financial goal.

    If you choose this approach then if Insurance is the choice of inst rument you can choose any company which has a suitable plan for you. As all the companies are governed by IRDA and adhere to govts rules and regulations. As per the market investments go , even LIC puts a seal with these words

    LIC is good , safe and from govt is misused by selected individuals to missell policies .

    For ex: Customers usually get Traditional plans because agents make more money. So think before making assumptions and believing blindly

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