How safe are Fixed Deposits in Nationalised Banks?

I am aware of the fact that Fixed Deposits in India are RBI insured for 1 lakh Rupees. Does that mean if I deposit 20 Lakhs in a bank and if that bank goes bankrupt, I will get 1 Lakh back??

Assume that I have 20 lakhs in hand where do you think I can go and deposit?

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  1. Nationalized Banks are safe. You can deposit the money in them. The best bank would be SBI. But I would advise you to invest the money in Mutual Funds as the market is very low.

  2. Hi Srini

    This is Ibrar, Investment Advisor from Chennai.

    Fixed Deposits are safe in Nationalised Banks.
    There are so many safety measures has been already taken and going be taken to safeguard investors money.
    As indian banking system is the most safe in the world, i dont think any Nationalised Bank will go Bankrupt.

    But to say for the safer side, as u said there r insurance to gaurd ur investment. but it is not enought.

    As a Investment Advisor i want u to give u one suggestion as there are
    lot of things to be considered before investing.
    Dont invest your money in a single basket.
    Diversify your investment in Mutual Funds, Equities, Bonds, FD, Insurance, ULIP’s.

    I have tried my best to clear ur query.
    For furthur discussion about investments you can chat with me or can mail me.
    my id is [email protected]

    Thanks & Regards

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