How much will I earn on my ULIP?

I have a ULIP with normal charges. I wish to know how much will I earn at the end of 20 years if the overall rate percentage is 15%.
In scenario I : I will be depositing 24, 000 per year for three years.
In Scenario II: I will be depositing 24,000 per year for 20 years.
So at the end of 20 years how much will I earn, there will be no premature withdrawals.

How much will I earn on my ULIP?
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  1. In ULIP plan there is blocking of three year after three year u may with draw bonus u earned . In scenario 1st u may earn approx in between Rs. 6,00,000/- and in scenario 2nd u may earn approx Rs.2827440/- this data i share as per insurance sector calculation

  2. Hi. I’m a Wealth Manager in Inference Wealth Management Services Pvt Ltd. First of all why do you want to invest in a ULIP? Its the worst instrument to invest in. It has so many charges which no agent will tell you as they will lose their heavy commission. ULIP is a combination of Mutual Fund and Insurance so first question only is do you need any more insurance?? If you looking at ULIP only as an investment option then its not a good idea. Now i cannot type all the loopholes of a ULIP here so if there is any clarification or more info needed then do feel free to email me or call me.

  3. It is not ‘overall rate percentage’ but ‘Projected Rate of Return – p.a.’.

    Since you have already assumed that to be 15%, all that is left is calculation.

    Do it yourself. Only apply this 15% on the amount invested in the fund after deducting charges.

    If you pay premium only for 3 years and remain invested for 20 years, all charges applicable on your policy including mortality charges will be deducted from your accumulated fund by cancellation of units.

    So by the end of 20 years there will be a great surprise waiting for you.


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