how much tax is deducted from salary in India?

Hi, I am working as a freelance web content writer.
If my salary is 6000, how much % of it is to be deducted on tax?
I have no fixed salary. It is based on how much I work. It is seen that they are deducting 10% of my salary on tax. Can I claim for tax refund?
please help me. Thanks.

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  1. no dear the tds happens only when ur minimum salary is after this amount they can deduct ur tax.but now govt increase this amount to 200000 but it starts from 2011-12 financial year.u can claim for ur salary .hurry yaar they took ur money .save that.

  2. There is some misunderstanding. Your income is not under the head ‘Salary’ but ‘Income from Profession’.

    Your income is liable for 10% TDS. You can claim refund by filing ITR.


  3. Your tax liability is zero if your annual income is less than Rs 1,60,000 (for men ) and Rs 1,90,000 for women. Since TDS is being deducted from your salary, you can get a refund after filing the tax return. For getting refunds you should file returns online as the processing is faster. You can do so at

  4. Rana – tax is deductable from your salary only if your total salary for a year exceeds Rs. 1.6 lakhs. based on the numbers you have specified (6000) there is no way you need to pay tax on your salary. for more details on income tax calculation for individuals you can check out the source article link.

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