5 Replies to “How much premium to be paid yearly for Max NewYork Life Family Floater Policy launched today?”

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  2. Hi… Premium depends of number of factors like
    number of people
    age of eldest person
    add ons opt-in, etc.
    So, we cannot tell you exact premium now!

  3. Premium payments are based upon several factors: your age, your health, family history, smoker or non-smoker, etc. To find out about New York Life’s policies you must talk with a New York Life agent.

  4. This insurance Policy Provides a Some More Advantages then other Insurance Companies, Advantages are:
    – Highest number of Hospitalisation Days and Daily Cash limits
    – Highest number of critical illness covered
    – Health insurance coverage for the longest duration – 10 years
    – No upper limit on the family size
    – Yearly increases on surgical benefits, even after claims
    – Guaranteed renewability till the age of 75 years
    – Relevant and segmented benefit for parents

    For more Information About this policy You have to search on The Website of Max Newyork life insurance. If You want to Apply for the Max newyork life insurance so check it. http://www.bimadeals.com/health-insurance-india/apply-online.php

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