3 Replies to “How much money is req.for a couple to live comfortable in china?”

  1. Cleveland 09/01/12

    My freied,.China is now an advancing nation,.! Making leaps and BOUNDS,.!?

    Currently, hussling to gain status with the Prominent nations,.France,.Briton(sp), maybe Brazil,.?

    Meanwhile,.China lived for the longest time in the Socialist MODE,.The people,,.earning,.and sh-
    aring,..according to NEEDS,.er, somethin’,.They were planning The Ideal System,.or, on par
    with Democracy,.?! This comes out Ideal/Democracy,?!

    Ssssooo, presently, one can catch a break,.and, before inflations drives Wages, Costs,.and Pri-
    ces off the Charts in China,.You may need only around one third (1/3) of that in equal money
    as here in the US of A,.?!!

    Eliasis Yahwehei ( The Main Man )

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