How much money i can make in stock market if i hav 10 lac rupees?

Is it possible that a person can be a billionaire from stock market trading? give me example of any person who is billionaire from stocks other than Warren Buffett…

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  1. Indian name: Rakesh Jhunjhunwala.

    However it is easy to loose your shirt if not careful in the stock markets.Pls take professional help.

  2. George Soros, Henry Kravis…
    but no you’ve got to be kidding if you want to be that rich you’re supposed to start off rich..
    unless you are vanderbilt of course

    forgot to tell you… stock market is mostly a loosing game LOL. Especially now

  3. having money is no guarantee to earn money in speculative may loose all.
    the person who earned billions are a few in numbers.first expertise yourself like warren buffet.

  4. First come first never take anyone’s advice while dealing in the stock market until and unless he is an expert because at the end of the day it is your hard earned money and only you can realize its worth. Since the amount that you want to invest is quite significant it is better you consult some expert before investing in the market.
    Best of luck

  5. if you are lucky then u cud be the next one.. even if you dont make a billion still you can grow ur money by investing in stock mkt

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